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Sensory Equipment

Experia USA: the home of Sensory Equipment

Sensory equipment is a vital tool in helping to treat a variety of sensory disorders in both adults and children. Over the years, Experia USA has developed a fantastic range of sensory room equipment and tools to suit different abilities and needs. Our products will help with sensory development and provide a source of entertainment and interaction.

We have many years of experience in this area, and we’re fully aware that providing the right sensory products and expert sensory advice is essential when it comes to helping you create the perfect sensory environment. Because of this, we pride ourselves on offering the expertise that you need. We have a broad range of sensory rooms equipment to help with a variety of special populations, ranging from our captivating bubble tubes to our specialty sensory rooms. We pride ourselves on innovation when it comes to offering our customers sensory solutions.

Experia USA are leading sensory room equipment suppliers, offering a selection of products that can help to develop key life skills such as vocalization, gross motor skills, color recognition, and tracking. We have also put together sensory room packages for all areas of the home. This includes sensory bathrooms, bedrooms, and even sensory white rooms.

We are industry experts in the design, manufacture, and equipment for sensory rooms, and our market-leading sensory products are second to none. If you require a tailored solution, a member of our team can help you customize a room package specifically for your needs, whether it is for home, a school, a nursing home, assisted living facility, or a whole host of other establishments. Our design service means that you can pick the right equipment to improve the quality of life for those you care for, no matter what their ability or age.

We believe that we have a unique understanding of special populations and the equipment that can help them develop and have a more enjoyable lifestyle. Browse our ranges online today.