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5 Things a Bubble Tube is Used For

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Every so often, someone asks us, ‘what does a bubble tube do?’ or ‘what is a bubble tube used for?’ These are great questions as bubble tubes are highly versatile multisensory tools. So, how does a bubble tube work? A bubble tube has water pumped through it while light at the base changes color and air blows into the tube, creating bubbles that are illuminated by the light.

What is a Bubble Tube Used For?


calming mini bubble tube

For individuals who can easily be agitated or find it challenging to regulate their emotions, a bubble tube’s softly glittering light and gentle vibrations can be mesmerizing. Bubble tubes can be kept in a sensory room where users can retreat and relax, or why not keep a portable bubble tube to help with travel anxiety or as a soothing tool when on the go?


interactive bubble tube corner with child

In the same way, bubble tubes are brilliant tools for calming; they can also be used to promote mindfulness. Sitting on a soft platform in front of the dancing bubbles and focusing on their ever-changing colors can help drown out distractions and allow the user to experience a state of peacefulness which can be difficult to find in busier places. This is particularly useful for individuals prone to sensory overloading or other sensory processing difficulties.

Motor skills

child with interactive bubble tube corner

The Touch Sensitive LED Tube allows users to establish hand-eye coordination and develop their motor skills. The buttons on the base of the bubble tube each control the color of the light in the bubble tube, helping the user to visually experience hand-eye coordination and strengthen their ability in a fun and stimulating environment. The buttons also allow individuals to practice their motor skills and learn how to move their hands and apply controlled force with precision.

Cause and effect

pointing to LED bubble tube learning cause and effect

The IRiS+ LED bubble tube allows the bubble tube to be controlled by the user to create an interactive environment. Controlling the bubble tube from a controller can help develop and reinforce an understanding of cause and effect as the user can physically see the consequence of the instruction they give to the bubble tube. This can be a very encouraging and engaging experience for users who generally struggle with cause and effect and can help them apply this understanding in other areas.

Color recognition

child playing with bubble tube.

The soft blend between colors in the bubble tube allows users to not only learn the names of different colors, but also helps them understand the relationship between colors. Seeing the colors change gives individuals a holistic view of the color spectrum, and this knowledge can be applied in art and science when mixing colors and learning about light. The Iris Color Recognition Bundle is a great way to make use of these skills.

The many benefits of bubble tubes make them a brilliant resource to keep in sensory rooms at home, school, or in care facilities. For help designing a multisensory room, check out our blog post and ensure you are up to speed with the best ways to care for a bubble tube to ensure longevity and safe use.

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