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What is a Bubble Wall?

If you haven’t seen one before, you may be thinking what is a bubble wall? Bubble walls are fully immersive and engaging walls cascading with water and changing colors. They are the latest and greatest offering of visual delight that can be implemented in a variety of multisensory environments, helping a range of special populations.

As well as working cohesively within a variety of sensory rooms, bubble walls can also be used in living rooms, corridors, offices, waiting rooms, libraries, classrooms, and retirement communities due to their calming and therapeutic benefits. Read more about how indoor water bubble walls work and the benefits they can provide the user.

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The Core Of The Bubble Wall: LED Lighting

The LED lighting inside a bubble wall is what brings the wall to life and it also means that there won’t be any need for you to change a bulb (phew!). The bubble wall’s brightness is dependent on the natural lighting of the room. For example, if you place your bubble wall in a dimly lit or dark area you will achieve a more profound lighting effect. The bubble wall will of course still shine in areas that are brighter, but the effect will not be as noticeable.

What are the Benefits of Having a Bubble Wall?

Bubble walls have many benefits for a host of different users, including visual tracking, auditory awareness, relaxation, and social interaction. The main benefit of the bubble wall is its ability to engage and encourage a calm environment. Simply place your hands against the bubble wall for a gentle vibrating effect that can calm and engage those who otherwise may be limited; including those who are visually impaired, have an auditory processing disorder, or hearing loss.

These people in particular can really benefit from just touching the sides of the bubble wall and the vibrating effect acts as a form of touch therapy. Similar to bubble tubes, bubble walls are great multisensory products that don’t require the full sensory room package to deliver a host of benefits. To learn more about the sensory benefits of bubble tubes, check out our previous post.

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Interaction Means Communication

Not only does the bubble wall encourage the user to interact and touch, it gives the individual the power to control color and lighting decisions. This means someone who may otherwise have very limited control can now affect change, and this can be quite profound.

There are different levels of interaction that can be controlled depending on which type of bubble or control system you have, including our IRiS and Superactive bubble walls, that encourage cause and effect learning. No matter where you place your bubble wall,  you will feel the calming effect it has on the entire environment and it is ideal for those who may get easily agitated, or easily distracted, and those with emotional distress.

benefits-of-a-bubble-wall Bubble Walls are a perfect addition to your sensory room!

Your Bubble Wall May Provide an Upper Body Workout

The design of a bubble wall and its positioning encourages the engagement of our upper core and the muscles supporting the neck, shoulders, and upper back too.

In a time when we spend many hours with our heads down looking at devices, bringing engaged activity to the upper body is welcome and necessary. In addition, all of our bubble walls are made from a hard-wearing shatterproof acrylic and therefore extremely safe.

Bubble walls really are the perfect combination of creating a soothing atmosphere while promoting engagement and the development of various sensory skills and physical movement.

If you require any additional information regarding bubble walls or need any assistance featuring one within a multisensory environment, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. Alternatively, visit our blog for regular updates on our selection of sensory products and equipment.

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