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Lumiglo Panel & Flashlight


Easy to use, the Lumiglo Panel with LED High-Powered Flashlight is a great way to encourage visual perceptual skills and spatial awarness. It's like a magic board that kids and adults will love. 


Put your hand on the panel and shine the LED High-Powered Flashlight on it, and the shape of your hand remains on the panel for a short while. Just think of the possibilites with speech language skill, visual skill and perceptual skill development.

Write your name, draw a picture, scribble, play tic-tac-toe… all kinds of games can be played with the Lumiglo Panel & LED Torch.

With all its game-playing applications, this product is a great way to encourage social interaction as well.

The product should be used within a darkened room for best effect.

The torch is powered by internal batteries (supplied) and comes complete with a transit bag.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

23½" H x 35" W

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