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For most of the year, school is a child’s home away from home. Today, schools are responsible not only for education, but also for helping students with social skills, athletics, personal development and their overall well-being. A child’s sensory, emotional, and social needs must be met.

Schools of all types - public, private, early childhood, or special needs - can better serve their students with a variety of sensory solutions. With the help of a variety of multisensory tools, the classroom can become a sensory wonderland filled with experiences and scenarios enlivening the senses and setting the tone for engaging lessons and activities. Conversely, calming and de-escalation solutions can be implemented for their soothing and focusing benefits.

Multisensory products are impactful tools for the teachers, therapists, and caregivers who work tirelessly to meet the needs of the many children and young adults in the US with special educational requirements. Healthy sensory regimens foster development in a range of sensory skills. As a preventative tool in the classroom, as well as for children who experience sensory processing issues or anxiety, exposure to the right sensory products can serve to sooth, relax, and focus, averting disturbances during lessons and limiting distractions.

The same sensory tools that cultivate positive learning experiences for younger students are also fun! Creating a sensory room at school can provide a safe and calming space. Fully immersive environments like our unique and versatile M.I.L.E. (Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment), filled with light, sound, video, vibration, moving air, and aromas, do a wonderful job peaking interest and engaging older students. Set the scene for a lesson on the rainforest with a room flooded with green light, the smells of a recent downpour, the sounds of tree frogs croaking and birds calling, and the scene of a rainforest filling an entire wall. Or, send your students on a coastal adventure filled with multisensory learning. They can experience marine life with blue fiber optic lighting, the sounds of waves crashing, a cool breeze, and the beautiful sights of ocean life. The scenarios and themes are endless!

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