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IRiS Fiber Optic Jellyfish


Go on a visual and tactile adventure under the sea with our new IRiS Fiber Optic Jellyfish, which utilizes our unique wireless Interactive Reward System (iRiS) to enable control of the sensory environment by everyone! 


Go on a visual and tactile adventure under the sea with our new IRiS Fiber Optic Jellyfish! A perfect addition to any sensory room, the Fiber Optic Jellyfish features 150 "tentacles" of vibrant, glowing fiber optics.  

Our wireless Interactive Reward System (iRiS) combines a mulititude of wireless controllers ("Talkers") which control any of our iRiS prducts ("Listeners") -- like this iRiS Fiber Optic Jellyfish.  Each controller has been specifically designed for special needs to improve skills such as color recognition, gross and fine motor skills, cause and effect skills, and more! 

Completely interactive, the IRiS Fiber Optic Jellyfish could be used for distraction, social interaction, or to encourage motor planning and fine motor skills through the use of one of the many switches available.  (See them HERE).   If you wish to simply relax and de-escalate, the IRiS Fiber Optic Jellyfish will enter a passive mode if a switch is not activated for 5 minutes.  Then, the colors will slowly change in a serene, calming pattern.

For a limited time, bundle the IRiS Fiber Optic Jellyfish with the iConverter - allowing control of the colors with any iPhone or iPad with the Experia app and SAVE $499.00!

Because the fiber optics have no electricity in them - only light - it is safe to move among them......perhaps pretending to be caught in the Jellyfish tentacles......or just to get up close to the light and feel the strands for a tactile experience. Look up, and you will see yourself in the mirror that is mounted underneath, watching the tentacles go off into the distance! It creates a truly immersive experience.

 The Fiber Optic Jellyfish was designed from the beginning to be extremely easy to install, and it folds for easy, compact shipping. It comes complete with 150 strands of fiber optics, a high quality lightsource and low voltage transformer, and all the necessary hardware to mount onto a wall with drywall construction. If your wall construction is brick or block, your installer or maintenance department will need to provide suitable wall anchors.

The Fiber Optic Jellyfish is also available In Calming and Superactive versions.  


Start your underwater sensory adventure today!

NOTE:  Requires minimum ceiling height of 8 feet (244cm)

Measures 16" H x 34" W x 11" D, 26 lbs.

SKU: 010065

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