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Musical Touch Wall


Engage visual and auditory stimulation with musical sounds, along with shapes, numbers, and a rainbow of colors!


The Musical Touchwall is a visually appealing, unique state-of-the-art fun developmental tool, and is packed full of modes designed to develop a number of lifeskills including:

  • Cause & Effect
  • Color Recognition
  • Number Recognition
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Eye/Hand Coordination
  • Shape Recognition
  • Tracking Skills
  • Sound & Music Therapy
  • Anticipation

Ideal for people of all ages, the Musical Touch Wall is perfect for use in schools, hospitals, day care centers, children's nurseries and assessment centers to name but a few. It’s easy to use simply choose the mode and move your hand across the front of the unit to create some mesmerizing effects.
And because it uses the very latest in LED technology the effects are superb and there’s never a lamp to change meaning the unit is maintenance free!

The Musical Touch Wall includes a number of different modes to personalize the experience for each child.

  • Color Selector: Let kids select their favorite color
  • Speed: Adjust the speed of the effects to move faster or more slowly
  • Fade: Set effects to fade away so kids have more time to see them
  • Volume: Increase or decrease the volume
  • LCD Screen: Change modes and see what mode the unit it in

25'' W x 32" H x 4" D
All dimensions are approximate.

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