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About Experia USA

Welcome to Experia USA!

We are the world's leading designers, manufacturers, and installers of sensory equipment and sensory products with a fresh, new, and fun approach.  We are proud to have been serving the United States for almost a decade!

From full sensory rooms in commercial and residential environments, to individual calming, engaging, and wirelessly interactive products, to the very latest in sensory experience – the Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment (MILE) – we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of sensory equipment to deliver breathtaking new opportunities.

As innovators in sensory equipment, this site is packed full of fantastic new products designed to make our equipment the most versatile and practical on the market (as well as annoying our competitors!). For example, our dynamic Bubble Tube isn’t just the brightest there is, displaying thousands of spectacular LED colors, it’s the easiest to use and maintain and is by far the most attractive - a true market leader when it comes to the bubble tube market.

From our groundbreaking wireless IRiS products to fiber optics, projectors, and aromatherapy packages, you’ll find it all here, along with the most comprehensive customer care, support, and training packages on the market.

Contact Experia USA today, for more information on how we can help you with your sensory needs; and visit our blog where you will find a whole host of information and interesting articles on a variety of sensory topics.

Experia USA – multisensory for everyone.