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It is estimated that there are 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public pools across the USA

Experia USA knows that a hydrotherapy pool can have outstanding benefits on those with special needs as sensory pools offer a range of activities and benefits to stimulate your user, ease social interactions and provide a source of exercise. We have spent years designing and developing what we believe are the best sensory pool systems in the world. With any ordinary pool system having the ability to be turned into a spectacular performance of sound and light thanks to the new IRiS pool director software.

Even some pool noodles, a water gun and the hydrostatic pressure of just being in the water can provide stimulation for your user, but our sensory pools go above and beyond to provide a brilliant experience. The sensory pool system is run via a low voltage tough screen loaded with 50 scenarios. These scenarios have been specially designed for those with special needs using synchronized light sound aroma and video projection. 

Sounds made by users can be used to change lighting colors or music thanks to the sound responsive mode within the equipment, which can both aid cause and effect development and mean that nobody needs to get out of the water and dry off to alter the environment.

Learn more about sensory pools and hydrotherapy pools and what they can do for you by calling us today at 1-800-882-4045. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and one of our team will get back to you to help you create your perfect sensory pool experience. 

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