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Sensory fiber optic products, such as fiber optic sensory lights, create a fabulous visual effect while being tactile and safe to touch.

They are a staple in any sensory space due to their versatility, durability, and the benefits they deliver for those with sensory challenges.

Experia’s fiber optic sensory lights are made in the USA using the latest LED technology, so there’s no need to change lamps. Our sensory fiber optics appeal to all ages and abilities as no electricity is present in any fiber optic product, meaning they are inherently safe to use and touch. As a result, these fiber optic sensory lights are not only great for visual stimulation, but they are also great for tactile stimulation.

What Are the Benefits of Sensory Fiber Optics?

Fiber optic lights are truly mesmerizing and will easily capture the attention of its users. This is calming in itself and can soothe individuals experiencing restlessness, anxiety, or sensory overload. A calming environment can also help to encourage individuals with ASD to communicate.

Our superactive sensory fiber optic products transition from color to color, which encourages visual tracking and color recognition. The user can even control the colors via a wireless controller. This can benefit users who want to have control over their environment and can strengthen fine motor skills and understanding of cause and effect.

Anybody can enjoy LED fiber optics, however our sensory fiber optics products are specifically designed for special populations with sensory challenges. We have a range of fiber optics lighting items that provide beneficial sensory stimulation for individuals with ASD, sensory processing disorder, Dementia, and other cognitive difficulties.

Fiber Optic Lights for Sensory Rooms

Fiber optics lighting can be incorporated into any multisensory room, whether that’s at home, school, or a care facility. You can even incorporate sensory fiber optics into a sensory corner, for example, by mounting a fiber optic wall cascade in the corner or installing our fiber optic corner shower.

Fiber optic sensory lights are a great way to enhance a sensory space, and there are so many colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, including our fiber optic carpet, fiber optic softie, and many more!

Our LED fiber optics also feature in many of our sensory room packages, which offer a quick and effective solution to creating a multisensory space of your own.

If you need guidance choosing the best sensory fiber optics product for your space, just get in touch with our team who are always happy to help.

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