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Soft Play

Sensory Soft Play Room

All Experia Soft Play products are manufactured using strong durable and smooth touch vinyl. This is easy to clean and double stitched to ensure strength and durability. The vinyl is supported by a hand-made wooden carcass covered in strong and responsive cushioned foam which protects the user while allowing them to maintain stability on the equipment.

Whatever the size of your project, from an individual piece to an entire room, we design, manufacture, and install the most interesting Soft Play environments around. The great thing about Experia USA soft play environments is that they enable the user to explore and test their physical abilities and have lots of fun in a safe and comfortable place. We can specifically design your soft play room and take into account all the needs of potential users.

Learn more about an Experia USA Sensory Soft Play Room by calling us at 1-800-882-4045.