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What Is a Sensory Bathroom?

For some with disabilities, bathrooms and bathing can be a stressful time. Sensory bathrooms are a great way to provide rest and relaxation, and when coupled with soft music and slowly changing lights, this effect is enhanced even further. Experia is the leading designer and creator of sensory bathrooms and sensory bathroom equipment in the US.

With the help of interactive products, we make bath time a rewarding experience for many. Sensory bathrooms can help muscles relax, reduce pain, and help the user open up to developing new skills. 

Sensory Bathroom Lighting

At Experia, we offer various toys and equipment to help make your sensory bathroom a more enjoyable space to be. For example, projecting colors and playing soft music can be an important way to reduce tension and anxiety. Our sensory bathroom bundle includes multiple light sources, with a light spreader, a projector and a fiber optic wide bore to illuminate the space without being overwhelming.

We also offer the lighting effects bundle, which includes a fiber optic wide bore and projector controlled by a waterproof floating IRiS switch. This safely allows the user to control the lighting, helping to make the bathroom more tailored to their preferences as well as providing a distraction.

Sounds and Scents in a Sensory Bathroom

It’s not only lights that can help make a sensory bathroom experience more pleasant. Using soft music or sounds can promote a tranquil atmosphere and minimize any distress. Our Living Scenery projector bundle provides soft, natural sounds while projecting a DVD of natural imagery.

Additionally, we offer an aromatherapy bundle that can positively affect mood and reduce stress, filling the sensory bathroom with pleasant aromas such as lavender, ylang-ylang and grapefruit.  

Here at Experia USA, we are experts in helping you to create perfect sensory bathrooms to help those in your care begin to enjoy bath time. We even offer a free sensory room design service. Contact Experia USA today and let us help you create a sensory bathroom that works for you.

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