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Fine Motor

Fine Motor

Without fine motor skills, we find ourselves dependent on others for tasks such as dressing, writing, grasping and even using a computer. This much-needed skill is developed early in childhood and yet not fully acquired until we are much older. For many of us, our fingers do our talking. Though we traditionally offer tools such as fidgets and manipualtives to stimulate fine motor, a multi sensory environment can offer a wonderful outlet for encouraging use of the hands and fingers with sound, sight and touch rewards. We can set up your environment with switches, buttons, tunnels (for heavy hand work) and touch boards that encourage the use of fine motor skills. Without the stress of a specific required outcome, those with fine motor challenges can succeed in a sensory room and transfer their successes to the real world.

Some great tools for your fine motor needs:
Interactive Hand Carpet
Interactive Bubble Tube Corner

We offer a FREE 3D Room Design Service. If you need assistance with designing a sensory space, just reach out to us. With the help from our expert sensory advisors we can help you create the perfect environment for your particular needs.
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