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Brain Injuries are injuries that are caused to the brain by trauma to the head. Those who are brain injured can have had this caused by a range of can have it caused by all manner of incidents, such as road traffic accidents, falls, accidents at work or at home, assaults and many more.

Minor brain injuries account for 75-80% of the overall number. This is a brief period of unconsciousness or perhaps a sickness or dizziness, from a trip or fall. Moderate brain injuries are when someone is unconscious for between 15 minutes and 6 hours or have amnesia after the trauma for upto 24 hours. Serious brain injury is defined as over 6 hours unconsciousness. This results in hospitalisation and rehabilitation due to the potential for physical symptoms to come about from the injury.

Different brain injured people will suffer different effects from their trauma. The type of injury, location and severity all have a factor in what the injury does. Alongside the physical trauma brain injuries, then things such as tumours, strokes, brain haemorrhage and encephalitis to name a few.

Regular sensory room experiences can provide substantial impact on individuals who have experienced Closed Head Injury. The soothing environment provides calm yet organized sensory input that is needed to heal. By removing stressful sounds and sights and replacing them with healing aromas, soft lights and digital sound, the healing process can begin. Depending on the level of head injury, the sensory room can contain interactive tools to meet the individual’s needs. Items such as switches, touch panels and interactive tunnels can be used to encourage a new understanding of cause and effect. The loss of function can be replaced with the ability to control and manipulate one’s environment.

Some great tools for engaging individuals with Head Injury

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