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Take full control of your sensory room with Experia's revolutionary IRiS Wireless Sensory Products range. Our unique IRiS products use the latest technology to allow any IRiS Talker to control any IRiS listener.

Create stimulating, interactive, multisensory environments for the users. Each controller has been specifically designed for special needs to improve skills such as color recognition, gross and find motor skills.

What is a "Listener"? We call the products that light up and change colors, or create sound "Listeners". This would include bubble tubes, fiber optics, recordable speakers, and more. They are Listeners because they are listening for a signal from a controller.

So.....what is a "Talker"? A Talker is our word for a controller. The are sending signals to the Listeners to change colors or make a sound. They are Talking to the Listners. Talkers would include the color selector, Qube, Balance Beam, and many more.

Because there are so many options of Talkers to control your IRiS Listeners, they are typically sold separately. If you want to purchase them together, click on the IRiS Bundles category. The beauty of the IRiS system is that one Talker can control many, many Listeners. OR, depending on your needs and budget, you can have a room with several Talkers, each controlling a different Listener. It is this one-to-many or one-to-one flexibility that makes our IRiS system so unique!

With our new free IRiS+ App you can use your existing iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch* to wirelessly contol IRiS equipment. This groundbreaking IRiS+ App combines all controllers into one allowing users to interact with listeners using 7 switches including sound, touch, vibration and movement. This unique app opens up a whole new world of learning and development and is the most advanced control switch on the market. Download the FREE app here*

*This product does not include an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch and requires an iConvertor to make it function with your existing IRiS Equipment

Contact Experia USA today at 1-800-882-4045 and speak to us about our exclusive IRiS Wireless Products!

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