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Multi Sensory Rooms

What Are Multi-sensory Rooms?

Multisensory Rooms offer huge benefits to a wide range of users regardless of their age or ability. Here at Experia we offer a range of Multi Sensory Equipment to help create your ideal Multi Sensory space. Whether it be interactive or calming we can help you create the environment you want to achieve in your space. One of our multi sensory rooms is packed with great sensory products to provide an immersive experience, we can help you create a special safe space in order to help sensory development.

We understand the importance of a multi-sensory rooms being immersive for the user in order to help them develop in an environment where there is less pressure and more freedom to explore their. The element of control that is given to the user, means that every experience can be a unique one. The rewards from vvarious actions stimulate and calm the user.

Multi-Sensory Rooms can also help develop skills such as switching and cause and effect to color or hand eye coordination skills among many others. Experia are proud to offer the best Multi Sensory Room Products in the USA all individually designed to suit the requirements of the users.

Experia USA have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing and building a bespoke multi sensory room to help a wide range of people. We offer free multi sensory room design, see what we can do to enhance your sensory development.

Find out more about the benefits of Multisensory Rooms and how they can help you by calling us on 1-800-882-4045