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Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Sensory Equipment for Cerebral Palsy (CP) Sufferers

Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term for a number of neurological issues which affect movement and co-ordination. These conditions arise due to problems that affect the brain and nervous system – this is in the areas of the brain designed for controlling the muscles.

Cerebral palsy can occur if the brain develops in an abnormal fashion or is damaged before, during or just after birth it is usually apparent within the first three years of a child being born. Some of the causes include: a difficult or premature birth, bleeding on the baby’s brain, an infection caught by the mother in pregnancy or mutations to genes related to brain development.

Some of the symptoms that are common with cerebral palsy include: muscle stiffness or floppiness, weak muscles, uncontrolled or random body movements and poor balance and coordination. This symptoms can happen in different areas of the body in different people and the severity of them is often different. Alongside this sufferers may also have learning difficulties and suffer fits and seizures. There is no cure for cerebral palsy, however sensory solutions and use of physiotherapy and occupational therapy can help make life live more independently.

The effects of Cerebral Palsy on the nervous system can often present itself with irregularities in muscle tone. A multi sensory environment has the potential of minimizing these effects through vibration, digital sounds and soothing lights. By using the right frequencies and visual stimulation combined with aromatherapy individuals with cerebral palsy can move their way through a select environment designed to meet their particular needs. Choose from our interactive bubble tubes, fiber optic strands, or interactive panels and tunnels to create the perfect space for your children and adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Some great tools for engaging individuals with Cerebral Palsy

Balance Beam
Bubble Tubes
Fiber Optics
Sound Boards
IRIS Sensory Room

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