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Sensory Room Packages

Multi Sensory Room Packages

Our range of Multisensory Room Packages offer a quick and easy way to create your own multisensory area. Each sensory room package has been specifically designed to provide an off-the-shelf sensory solution to suit a range of needs and abilities. Simply pick the best sensory room package to suit your requirements.

Sensory stimulation is hugely beneficial, and choosing a specially designed package ensures that users can fully experience these benefits. Experia USA has a range of multi sensory room packages, including a calming option and a superactive option, all of which come kitted out with specialist, top-quality sensory equipment.

Who are Sensory Room Packages for?

Our sensory room packages are suitable for a range of settings, the most popular including homes, schools, care homes, clinics, and offices. They are designed to offer a safe, immersive, and interactive environment for special populations who may struggle with sensory processing, over- or under-stimulation, anxiety and development.

Will a Sensory Room Package Fit in My Room?

The answer depends not just on the room’s dimensions, but on several factors like the layout of the room, location of windows and heating & cooling elements, and number & location of power outlets.

If you are concerned about space, our Sensory Corner Bundle could be the perfect solution to create a dedicated sensory space without using an entire room.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about dimensions and fit.

Common Sensory Room Equipment in Our Packages

The equipment included in our sensory room packages varies, however here are some pieces of equipment you may find included:

Bubble Tubes
Fiber Optics
LED Projector
Wall Panels

We offer custom selections of sensory room equipment to suit individual needs, in addition to our pre-designed packages which are ideal for a broader range of requirements. We have plenty of experience with sensory room equipment, and we have spent time and effort designing rooms to produce great results for a lot of satisfied clients.

We also offer a FREE Room Design service for those who need a little more help and guidance in creating their dream sensory space.

If you’re interested in one of our sensory room packages, please get in touch with our team of experts who are happy to help!

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