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Bubble Tube

As the USA's leading bubble tube designer and manufacturer, we are proud to say that we have developed the best available bubble tubes for sale in the market after years of extensive research.

What is a Bubble Tube Used For?

When it comes to creating a sensory room or sensory environment, bubble tubes create mesmerizing, constantly moving and color-changing bubbles that grab the attention of those with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and other sensory challenges. Bubble tubes are used to calm, stimulate, and encourage interaction between the user and their surrounding sensory environment.

For those who experience sensory overload, the safe environmental control of sensory bubbles can help to relieve anxiety and is particularly useful for those with sensory disorders and dementia. A bubble tube is a vital communication tool to increase the user's attention span and encourages social interaction; especially important for those with Autism!

How Do Sensory Bubble Tubes Work?

A sensory room bubble tube is specifically designed with the user's needs in mind. The calming effects are created by air being pumped up through the bottom of the water-filled tube. The air then causes the bubbles to shimmer and flicker whilst the amazing light effects change color to promote visual stimulation.

Our bubble tubes feature a stylish curved base and a clear domed lid. These bright and vibrantly colored bubble tubes are illuminated using LED's, so you won't ever need to change them. That means every bubble tube virtually comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Who Can Benefit from Sensory Bubble Tubes?

At Experia USA, we strongly believe that anyone of any age or ability can use and experience the benefits of bubble tubes. For instance, bubble tubes support the development of various sensory skills such as visual tracking, auditory awareness, social interaction and cause and effect skills.

What's more, the LED bubble tubes are completely safe to touch, meaning each user can directly get involved with changing the colors of our IRiS LED tube and our superactive tube by using our exciting maze controller. For more information, please take a read of our blog on the benefits of sensory room bubble tubes.

How Do You Clean a Sensory Room Bubble Tube?

A bubble tube is a low maintenance piece of equipment that only needs attention every six to twelve weeks. It's important to change the water within a sensory bubble tube using a pump and hose kit to prevent any bacteria build-up to ensure the user gets the best visual experience possible. But don't worry; we include a maintenance worksheet with each bubble tube sale to ensure it stays as clean as possible!

Stimulating Bubble Tubes

Sensory bubble tubes are exceptional pieces of equipment; they are extremely durable, energy-efficient, and completely safe to the touch. At Experia USA, we have a wide range of bubble tubes to engage those with sensory needs. From bedside cabinets, LED bubble walls to interactive corners, our bubble tubes come in various sizes to meet any need or budget. For those who wish to travel with portable sensory equipment, the portable bubble tube is ideal!

We understand that getting the right design for your available space is key. If you wish to have a sensory room with bubble tubes in your home, educational facility, library or hospital, we offer a bespoke free sensory room design service to ensure the needs of your loved one and those you care for are at the heart of the sensory space.

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