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What Does a Bubble Tube Do?

Bubble tubes are a key component when it comes to creating a sensory room or environment. A sensory bubble tube has many uses, including the ability to calm, stimulate, and encourage interaction.

A bubble tube creates mesmerizing, constantly moving and color-changing bubbles that both soothe and grab the attention of the user. Bubble tubes have many benefits and can help to improve a wide range of sensory skills such as visual tracking, auditory awareness, social interaction, cause and effect and many more.

You can use a bubble lamp to create a calming or interactive sensory room. Our IRiS “Talker” products, including our exciting Maze Controller, can be used to control many of our bubble tubes, including our IRiS LED tube and our Superactive tube. Enabling safe environmental control in a sensory space can have amazing benefits for its users, especially for those who experience sensory overload.

Our bubble tubes are also available in a range of sizes, suiting any need or budget. We also have a mini bubble tube, which is ideal for those who need to travel, such as a family or occupational therapist. For more portable sensory equipment inspiration, have a read of our dedicated blog post.

Who can use a Sensory Bubble Tube?

At Experia USA, we strongly believe that bubble tubes can be used by anyone of any age or ability! Bubble tubes are specially designed with sensory seekers in mind, so they’re especially effective for individuals with sensory processing disorder (SPD) or other sensory challenges. In our blog, we explore the benefits of sensory bubble tubes for special populations in more detail. For example, we discuss how they’re an effective Autism communication tool and how they can be used to reduce anxiety in dementia patients.

How does a Bubble Tube work?

Air is pumped up through the bottom of the water-filled tube while the light is constantly changing color. The air that is blown into the tube causes moving bubbles to shimmer and flicker, and the resultant effect is calming and attention-grabbing. This effect helps promote visual stimulation, and the faint vibration encourages touch.

Bubble tubes are illuminated using LED technology, ensuring your bubble tube is always bright, crisp, and vibrantly colorful. Because LEDs never need to be changed, your Experia USA bubble tube comes with a virtual lifetime guarantee.

Our bubble tubes for sale feature a stylish curved base and a clear domed lid that creates a wide range of amazing light effects. We’ve also worked hard to produce the quietest bubble tube in the world...the only noise you will hear is that of the gentle sound of bubbling water.

How do you care for a Bubble Tube?

There is an LED light source in every Experia USA bubble tube, meaning that it will be low maintenance and highly durable. Unlike a conventional light bulb, there is less need for frequent changing – LED bulbs are also more energy-efficient.

Experia USA is proud to be the USA’s leading bubble tube designer, developer, and manufacturer. Through years of extensive research, Experia USA has now developed, unquestionably, the best available in the market.

For more information about Experia USA bubble tubes, contact our knowledgeable team today. Our blog post on 5 things bubble tubes are used for is also a useful resource if you need some more ideas!

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