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The Northeast Georgia Speech Center, Inc. in Gainesville, GA, is delighted to have installed equipment for a sensory room to use with our autistic and language delayed preschool and school-aged students. We began with a simple idea of utilizing a small therapy room (12' X 14') as a quieting area for students who may experience sensory overload, but also needed to stimulate other students who are slow to engage.

With the advice of occupational therapists, we sought out websites and catalogs that demonstrated sensory equipment and materials. We contacted Andy Roussey at Experia USA, Inc. and received the expert guidance and assistance to make the best use of our space and purchase the equipment to meet our students’ needs.

Andy met with a committee from our Board of Directors to discuss our needs and make recommendations about the room and later presented a plan to the entire Board. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the benefits of the equipment was encouraging and proved to be exactly what the Board needed to see, hear, and experience to completely support this project.

We have used the room on a daily basis since October 2014 with very positive results and response from all of our students and parents alike. The equipment is simple to operate and maintain; the environment is very calming, relaxing, and non-threatening to students who are fearful of transitions to new or different environments and offers a pleasant “oasis” in the midst of our daily schedule and therapy routine.

Because of our outstanding experience with Andy Roussey at Experia USA, our Board of Directors is enthusiastically planning to adapt an area of our building to include motor-sensory equipment for additional sensory input for our students and clients. I heartily recommend Andy Roussey at Experia USA as a most valuable member of your team in planning for equipment and utilization of space for this population.

I would be happy to have you visit the Northeast GA Speech Center at 604 Washington Street in Gainesville, GA to see what we are so proud of and grateful to have. We are thankful to Experia for making our dreams come true! 



Diane Brower, NEGA Speech Center, Inc. Gainesville