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Meet Experia USA: The Home of Sensory Equipment

As industry experts in the design and manufacturing of equipment for sensory rooms, we have a unique understanding of how sensory equipment can help special populations engage and develop with their surroundings. We pride ourselves on our drive for innovation and our expertise on how sensory solutions can support our customers.

We appreciate that sensory room equipment is a vital tool in helping to treat a variety of sensory disorders in both adults and children. That's why our market-leading equipment for sensory rooms are second to none!

Expert Sensory Room Equipment

Over the years, Experia USA has developed a fantastic range of sensory equipment and tools to suit different abilities and needs. When it comes to creating the perfect sensory environment, we can help provide the right sensory products with our expert advice.

From our captivating bubble tubes to our interactive IRiS technology, we have a broad range of sensory room equipment to stimulate various abilities. With years of experience in this field, our products encourage sensory development and provide a source of entertainment and interaction in your home, school, library, hospital, athletic facility, or airport.

Tailored Equipment for Sensory Rooms

As leading sensory room equipment suppliers, Experia USA offers a selection of products that can support the development of key life skills such as gross motor skills, speech and language development, color recognition, and hand to eye coordination.

At Experia USA we offer a completely free sensory room design service. A member of our team can help you customize a sensory room package specifically for your needs to ensure you get the best equipment for your sensory room. Our design service means that you can select the right sensory equipment and sensory room package to improve the quality of life for your loved one or those who you care for, no matter their ability or age.

Why not browse our range of sensory room equipment, or request your free sensory equipment catalog? For further information, please take a read of our blog on the benefits of sensory stimulation.