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Sensory Room Packages

Our Multisensory Room Packages offer a quick and easy way to create your own multisensory area. Each room package has been specifically designed to provide an off-the-shelf sensory solution to suit a range of needs and abilities. They can be used in a variety of settings, such as homes, schools, personal care homes and hospitals. If space is a concern, our Sensory Corner Bundle could be the perfect solution to create a dedicated space without utilizing an entire room.

Each room package is designed to offer a safe, immersive, and interactive environment for special populations who may struggle with sensory processing, anxiety or development. Our rooms can include calming or superactive options, each of which comes complete with specialist, top-quality sensory equipment such as bubble tubes, fiber optics, projectors, mirrors and wall panels. From the IRiS Sensory Room to the Premium Sensory Room, there's a package suitable for everyone.

We are happy to discuss the best sensory room package for your needs to ensure it both fits into your space and creates the dedicated sensory solution you require. We also offer a free room design service for those who need a more custom solution. You can call us at 1-800-882-4045 to discuss how we can create a room to meet your needs.

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