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Experia USA Instruction Manuals

On this page you will find a range of 'How To' guides and instruction manuals to help you get the most out of your Experia equipment. Just click on the manual which corresponds to your Experia product to download it. If your product link is currently blank don't worry! We're currently working on uploading all of our manuals.

If you require further advice or assistance or you need a manual which is not in the list then please contact us 1-800-882-4045 or go to our Technical Support page.

Our offices are open Monday-Friday 8:30am- 5pm

Instruction Manuals by Category: 


Bubble Tubes, Bubble Walls and Accessories  -  Fiber Optics  -  Projectors  -  Room Packages  -  IRiS Talkers  -  IRiS Listeners  -  IRiS Accessories  -  Aromatherapy  -  Portable Equipment  -  Soft Play  -  Interactive Sensory Wall Panels  -  Sensory Lighting



Bubble Tubes, Bubble Walls and Accessories:

 Bubble Tube Maintenance Worksheet

Calming Bubble Tube

Superactive Bubble Tube – Qi Charging

Superactive Bubble Tube – AA Battery

IRiS Bubble Tube

Touch Sensitive Bubble Tube

Portable Bubble Tube

Mini Bubble Tube

Interactive Bubble Tube Corner

Portable Bubble Tube Corner

Calming Bubble Wall

Superactive Bubble Wall

IRiS Bubble Wall

Bubble Tube Mirror Pair

Bubble Tube Pump and Hose

Bubble Tube Bracket



Aurora LED Projector

Helios LED Projector (discontinued)

Calming Waters Projector

Living Scenery Projector Bundle

Wheel Rotator For 6” Effects Wheels


Room Packages:


Calming Sensory Room

Superactive Sensory Room

Premium Sensory Room

IRiS Sensory Room

Sensory Corner Bundle

M.I.L.E. Sensory Room

Sensory Cocoon




Portable Aromatherapy Starter Kit

Sensory Room Aroma Therapy Bundle


Soft Play:


Soft LED Fiber Optic Tunnel (discontinued)

Soft Floor Pads

Soft Wall Pads

Interactive Ball Pool









Fiber Optics:


Fiber Optic Bundles (Calming, Superactive)

Fiber Optic Softies (Calming, Superactive)

Fiber Optic Star Carpets (Calming, Superactive)

Fiber Optic Wall Carpets (Calming, Superactive)

Fiber Optic Cascades (Calming, Superactive)

Fiber Optic Jellyfish (Calming, Superactive)

Fiber Optic Raincloud (Calming, Superactive)

Fiber Optic Corner Shower (Calming, Superactive)

Circular Fiber Optic Shower (Calming, Superactive)

Circular Fiber Optic Shower Dropped Ceiling (Calming, Superactive)

Soft Fiber Optic Tunnel (Calming, Superactive) (discontinued)

Interactive Hand Carpet


IRiS Talkers:


IRiS Maze Controller

IRiS Recordable Speaker

IRiS Qube

IRiS Color Selector

IRiS Color Selector Deluxe

IRiS Soft Switch

IRiS Balance Beam

IRiS Switchbox

IRiS Floating Switch

IRiS Vibration Switch

IRiS Lightwand

IRiS Single Switch

IRiS Sound Switch

IRiS+ App (Requires IRiS+ iConverter)


IRiS Accessories:


IRiS+ iConverter

IRiS Converter

IRiS Master Pairers


Interactive Sensory Wall Panels:


IRiS Soundboard

 Sound Wall

Interactive LED Fanlite

LED Sound to Light Panel

Interactive LED Ladderlite

Musical Touch Wall

IRiS Musical Touch Wall

Hopscotch Panel

Noisy Soundboards

IRiS Listeners:


IRiS Fiber Optic Cascade

IRiS Fiber Optic Bundle

IRiS Fiber Optic Softie

IRiS Circular Fiber Optic Shower

IRiS Circular Fiber Optic Shower- Dropped Ceiling

IRiS Fiber Optic Corner Shower

IRiS Raincloud

IRiS Jellyfish

IRiS Bubble Tube

IRiS Bubble Wall

IRiS Light Spreader

IRiS LED Strip and Driver Bundle

IRiS Soundboard

IRiS Scanner

IRiS Ripple Light

IRiS Shape Projector

IRiS Light Changer

IRiS Infinity Tunnel

IRiS Infinity Tunnel - 3 Shapes

IRiS Fogger

IRiS Soft Jet Stream

IRiS Jet Stream – Wall Mount

IRiS Color Panel

IRiS Sensory Roamer

IRiS Sensory Portare

IRiS Musical Touch Wall


Portable Equipment:


Sensory Roamer (Calming, Superactive)

Sensory Portare (Calming, Superactive)

Sensory Diamond Backpack

Portable Sensory Corner

Portable Bubble Tube Corner

Portable Bubble Tube

Mini Bubble Tube


Sensory Lighting:


Mirror Ball Bundle

Pin Spot for Mirror Ball

Calming LED Strip and Driver Bundle

Superactive LED Strip and Driver Bundle

IRiS LED Strip and Driver Bundle

Calming LED Light Spreader

Superactive LED Light Spreader

IRiS LED Light Spreader


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