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Sensory Bathroom Bundle


The Sensory Bathroom Bundle has been created for those who dislike bath time to help them to relax and enjoy their surroundings. Create a relaxing and interactive environment with the Sensory Bathroom Bundle 3!


The Sensory Bathroom Bundle is the solution that provides an at-home SPA for enahncing the bathroom and bathing experience. The Sensory Bathroom Bundle will encourage interaction and relaxation and features an IRiS LED Light Spreader (to flood the bathroom with colored light), an IRiS LED Lightsource (for illuminating a Fiber Optic Wide Bore (9ft) which can be shone into the bath to change the color of the water), an IRiS Floating Switch to activate the Lightspreader and Lightsource and a low voltage image projector with wheel rotator and effect wheels for producing a projetion on a wall or floor.


One of our standard sound systems with radio and CD can be purchased separately to play soft music enhancing the experience even more.
Bundle comprises of:

- 1 x IRiS Floating Waterproof Switch

- 1 x Low Voltage IRiS LED Light Spreader

- 1 x Low Voltage IRiS LED Lightsource

- 1 x Fiber Optic Wide Bore (9 feet)

- 1 x Low Voltage Image Projector

- 1 x Wheel Rotator

- 3 x Effects Wheels

- 3 x Low Voltage transformers.
Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.
Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

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