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Sensory Roamer - Calming

The Sensory Roamer is the portable sensory solution for any small area where space is at a premium. It can be easily moved from room to room on its lockable casters making it perfect for domestic use

Calming Sensory Roamer

  • It features an LED bubble tube which is 4" in diameter and 40" high making it a focal point in any room. The LED Fiber Optic Lightsource and fiber optic strands create a fabulous visual effect while being tactile and safe to touch
  • The unit is completed by an acrylic mirror and is powered from a single electrical outlet. Perfect for relaxation, the unit features:
  • 1 x Calming LED Bubble Tube
  • 1 x LED Lightsource
  • 1 x Fiber Optic Sideglow - 2.5m x 100 strands
  • 1 x Mathmos Projector 
  • Dimensions: 18" W x 40" D x 48" H
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