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Interactive Ball Pool


Control the colors and change the mood instantly!


A pool of changing colored balls awaits you with the LED Interactive Ball Pool that changes through 8 colors when activated. Just a few minutes in the ball pool can calm even the most aggressive individuals and awaken the most withdrawn. Press any of the colored switches on top of the soft walls and the balls within the pool change to the corresponding color.

Illuminated by a very bright low voltage LED, you never have to change a lamp and the color is always vibrant!

Manufactured from strong, easy-to-clean, phthalate-free vinyl. Color: White

Balls sold separately. We recommend 5 boxes of 500 balls for the medium ball pool, and 8 boxes of 500 balls for the large ball pool. You may prefer more, or less, depending on your needs.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

Medium: 60" W x 60" L x 26" H
Large: 87" W x 87" L x 26" H

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