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IRiS Soft Jet Stream


The Soft IRiS Jet Stream is the Soft Play version of the IRiS Jet Stream and creates a sensation of wind. From a gentle summer breeze to a howling gale the powerful fan can be controlled using any IRiS Talker. Replicate all wind conditions in your Sensory Room with the IRiS Soft Jet Steam!


The IRIS Soft Jet Stream is a floor based fan that is ideal for encouraging alertness, focus, attention and awareness. Use any IRiS Talker (interactive switch device) such as the IRiS Qube to activate the fan.

Completely wireless, IRiS switching products can be positioned anywhere within a room, to maximize the user's comfort or stimulate the experience. The switch is called a Talker and the responsive equipment is called a Listener. So you can have one "Talker" linked to multiple pieces of "Listening" equipment.

For example, when you turn over the Qube (the Talker), the fan (Listener) produces a different force of wind depending on which side of the Qube is facing upward.

Produce any force of wind to meet individual or environmental needs from a gentle breeze to a howling gale.

Use for sensory processing or theming when teaching science or weather.

Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

19¾" H x 19¾" W x 31½" D

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