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IRiS Soundboard and Qube Bundle


Combine the IRiS Soundboard with the IRiS Qube for maximum wireless interaction.


Toss the IRiS Qube and get a sound and visual feedback from the IRiS Soundboard.  You can, for example, place an image of a cat in the clear sleeve of the IRiS Qube and the same image in one of the IRiS Soundboard frames and record the word “Meow”.  If you throw the Qube and the cat picture lands face up, the corresponding frame on the IRiS Soundboard will light up the image of the cat and “Meow” will be played.  What a great way to work on communication skills, eye-hand coordination, matching, and other skills.

In addition to your recording your own sounds, the IRiS Soundboard comes with loaded with 64 pre-recorded sounds.

The IRiS Qube is powered by an internal 9v battery (included) and operates from a distance of up to 90 feet.  The IRiS Soundboard plugs into a standard 110v electrical outlet, and operates on low voltage with the included transformer. 

Because this Soundboard is IRiS-compatible, you can combine any other IRiS Talker with it, making it accessible to every child.  

Dimensions: 55" W x 32" H x 5.5" D

SKU: 010070 

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