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IRiS Switchbox


The IRiS Switchbox is ideal for individuals with poor or limited motor skills or hand-to-eye coordination. Simply touch one of the colors to control any IRiS Listener with the IRiS Switchbox!


The IRiS Switchbox is bursting with color! This ergonomic switch (otherwise known as a "talker") with 8 switching modes is the very latest in wireless switching technology. Completely wireless, IRiS switching products can be positioned anywhere within a room, to maximize the user's comfort and experience where a Talker (switch) can control multiple Listeners (responsive equipment).

This durable, user-friendly switch features 8 switching modes each designed to develop all important life skills including: Locked, Toggle, Momentary, Racing, Passive, Timed, Scroll Stop and Scroll Next. An easy to use intuitive user interface with LCD display makes using the IRiS switchbox child’s play. Helps develop switching skills, cause and effect and color recognition, to name but a few.

Completely wireless, it comes complete with an 8 switch overlay and additional 4, 2 and 1 way switch overlays giving most people the opportunity to access the unit. For those who can’t access the switches on the unit, dual switch input sockets on the rear allow the user to use their own favorite switch.

Powered by an internal, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and charges wirelessly using an inductive charging coil.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

3½" H x 21" W x 13½" D

SKU: 010001

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