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Sensory Texture Wheel


Imagine a textured, color wheel that begs you to touch and explore. With a variety of textures, and a unique gross-motor element, it's the perfect addition to your sensory toom! 


Sensory Texture Wheel 

Imagine a textured, color wheel that begs you to touch and explore. It begs, “please touch and spin!” Let your fingers do the walking on the Sensory Texture Wheel that features a 46” hand crafted, texture-filled wheel with 8 tactile, tantalizing, triangular textures including fur, minky, artificial turf, ribbed rubber, diamond plate, carved plastic, burlap and color changing sequin that beg your fingers to explore, feel, and touch.  In addition, it provides a wonderful gross-motor and heavy-work activity as the texture wheel can be spun 360 degrees!  It is a perfect addition to your multisensory room, playroom, classroom, home, waiting room or office, and an ideal tool for individuals with special needs including Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, sensory integration dysfunction and learning differences.

Your wheel will mount in less than 10 minutes with the supplied drywall anchors and unique mounting bracket (battery drill required for quick installation).  We think this might just be one of our favorite low-tech sensory tools yet! It’s irresistible and as we like to say it’s all “hands on”!

Activity Ideas for your Sensory Texture Wheel

Spin and Say. Using one or both hands, spin the wheel and then stop it by placing a hand or finger on it. Which texture did you land on? What does it feel like?

Left and Right. Spin the wheel to the right. Now spin to the left. If appropriate, learn words such as clockwise and counterclockwise. Try using your left arm to spin right and your right arm to spin left.

Color Corner. Touch your favorite color. Describe it. What does it remind you of? Can you find words to describe each color?

Touch and Do. Give each texture and action. For example, AstroTurf can be “jump”. You can place those words or use verbal commands. Touch the texture and do the command. 

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