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A multisensory environment in your assisted living facility can make the difference between providing a facility for your residents, or a home. For those individuals needing some assistance, yet still wanting to maintain independence, a facility must feel like home yet also provide the necessary support to maximize well-being. A multisensory environment can provide the ideal space inside your facility where residents can go to calm and organize, providing their nervous system with just the right sensory diet. The right sights and sounds produced from our projectors, bubble tubes, and fiber optics can create the internal space needed for optimal sensory processing.

Some great tools for your Assisted Living needs:

Experia USA can tailor make Sensory Equipment and custom design Sensory Rooms to suit any need and budget. We offer FREE Room Design if you need a little help with designing your dream sensory space. With the help from our expert sensory advisors, we can help you create the perfect environment for the needs of its users.

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