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Interactive LED Hand Carpet


The Interactive LED Hand Carpet enhances any wall and is fun for children of all ages and abilities. Develop a range of skills such as Cause and Effect and color Recognition with this Interactive LED Hand Carpet!


Engage children of all abilities with the Interactive LED Fiber Optic Hand Carpet, which can be used to enhance the sensory experience of any room. Use this LED carpet on walls in waiting rooms, therapy clinics, classrooms, bedrooms and sensory rooms.

Simply press one of the 4 brightly colored hands and the fiber optics on the carpet change to the corresponding color.

A great way to develop motor skills, cause and effect, motor planning, hand-eye coordination and color recognition. Simply attach to the wall and use.

The LED carpet is durable and does not contain electricity so it can be cleaned like a regular carpet. It is illuminated by a LED Lightsource which is powered by a low voltage transformer so there is no lamp to change making it low maintenance and safe.

Adutl supervision required. Ages 3+

47 1/2" H x 37 1/2" W x 4" D

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