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Interactive LED Ladderlite


Standing 60" tall, the unit is ideal for encouraging vocalisation through eight modes: three automatic and five sounds activated, that are ideal for developing vocalisation skills! 


Standing some 60" in height, the Ladderlite is an attention grabbing feature in any room!

Utilizing LED technology means the unit emits bright crisp colors which do not fade over time and there are no lamps to change.

Like the Fanlite, the unit features 8 modes, 3 of which are automatic while the other 5 are activated by sound from the user.

This product is great for encouraging speech, sining, socializing or any form of vocalization. It's a real eye catcher and can be used in almost any environment.

It operates on low voltage via a transformer (supplied) and measures
20" W x 63" H x 5¼" D. Weight 40 lbs.


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