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IRiS Qube


Our IRiS Qube is a fun way to control sensory equipment. When rolled, the Qube will control any IRiS Listener. Create fun interactive environments for your Sensory Room with the IRiS Qube!  Scroll to the bottom to see our product demonstration video!


Control your sensory equipment with the IRiS Qube! Each side of the soft IRiS Qube has a different color and when rolled, the color on the IRiS Listeners - such as a Bubble Tube or Fiber Optic Bundle - will change to match the color facing up! 

Another feature of the Qube are the clear vinyl pockets on each side.  You can insert the words "Red", "Blue", "Orange", "Yellow", "Green", and "Purple" into the appropriate pocket to reinforce learning colors.  Or, you can insert pictures of things that are typically of those colors, and the environment will change to match!  Such a fun way to reinforce learning cause-and-effect skills, color and picture recognition, and storytelling skills.

Completely wireless, the IRiS Qube, like all of the IRiS switching products, can control multiple Listeners at the same time if desired.  It can be positioned anywhere within a room to maximize the user's comfort and experience.

The Qube operates on a 9v battery, which is included.

8" x 8" x 8"

Please ensure you have at least one IRiS Listener to control with your IRiS Qube.


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