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IRiS is an acronym that stands for "Interactive Reward System". The unique part of the IRiS system is that it enables a very flexible level of control of all IRiS equipment.

Most sensory equipment on the market use a one-to-one controller. This means that a bubble tube, for example, can be controlled by a switch, but that switch will not work with anything else. This is a one-to-one relationship. IRiS products allow not only one-to-one control, but also one-to-many, so that a single controller can control an entire room worth of equipment. Or, within the same room, each piece of equipment could have it's own controller. And, changing from one controller to a different one is extremely simple.

We describe IRiS equipment as "Listeners" and "Talkers". The "Listeners" are the effects, or the product that generate light, sound, aroma, vibration, etc. This includes our Sensory Bubble Tubes, Fiber Optics, and much more. The "Talkers" are the switches that control the colors and behaviors of the products.

For example, a blind user can utilize a "Talker" to create a smell or sound reward from a "Listener". A deaf user can be rewarded with colors and shapes as opposed to a sound.

There are many types of Talkers and Listeners to choose from, and a users individual abilities and preferences should be taken into account when choosing either. We encourage you to explore the IRiS Listener and IRiS Talker categories below. Additionally we have an entire IRiS Sensory Room package that was developed to take the guesswork out of choosing the optimal equipment.

To learn more about our IRiS Sensory Listeners then call us today on 1-800-882-4045 for more information or email us.

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