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IRiS Sensory Room

IRiS Sensory Room

The IRiS Sensory Room Package is the ultimate off-the-shelf wireless interactive package. Featuring Experia's revolutionary line of IRiS products this package is perfect for developing cause and effect skills, color recognition skills, switching skills and many more. This room package is ideal for individuals looking to have the full body interactive experience. Create stimulating interactive multisensory environments for users with our new FREE IRiS+ App! You can use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (not included) to wirelessly control your IRiS Sensory Room!



Step into an IRiS Wireless Sensory Room. Ahhhhh. Just imagine an entire room full of IRiS Wireless Talkers (interactive switches/controllers) and Listeners (interactive equipment that responds to the switches) that puts the individual in control of their environment. This bundle provides everything you need for this magical environment which will awaken even your most withdrawn individual and relax someone who is easily agitated. Just a few minutes in our IRiS Wireless Sensory Room will be sure to engage, relax, and orient those with ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Sensory Processing Disorder and even mild neurological needs.

Completely wireless, IRiS switching products can be positioned anywhere within a room, to maximize the user's comfort and experience. The switch is called a Talker and the responsive equipment is called a Listener. So you can have one "Talker" linked to multiple pieces of "Listening" equipment.

The IRiS Wireless Sensory Room package is a quick and easy way to purchase a full IRiS Wireless Sensory Room and the ultimate sensory solution featuring Experia’s revolutionary IRiS™ wireless line of products.

Great for developing cause and effect skills, color recognition, switching skills, vocalization, and social interaction.

Ideal for individuals looking to have a “full body” experience.

This bundle includes:
1 x IRiS LED Bubble Tube 60"
1 x Bubble Tube Bracket
1 x Curved Bubble Tube Platform – Medium 36" W x 36" L x 16" H
2 x Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirrors - 36" W x 48" H
1 x IRiS LED Fiber Optic Lightsource and Sideglow
1 x IRiS LED Strip Driver w/ 3 IRiS LED Strips
1 x IRiS LED Infinity Tunnel - 3 shapes
1 x IRiS Musical Touch Wall
1 x IRiS Recordable Speaker
1 x IRiS+ iConverter
1 x IRiS Color Selector Deluxe
1 x IRiS Soundswitch
1 x IRiS Switchbox
1 x Switchbox Overlays
1 x IRiS Qube - 8" x 8" x 8"
1 x IRiS Master Pairer - 6 way
1 x Aurora Projector Bundle (includes Aurora LED Projector, wheel rotator and three effect wheels (Balloons Extravaganza, Fireworks Bonanza and a blank wheel)
1 x BCB - Bubble Tube Additive
1 x Bubble Tube Pump and Hose

All electrical products require available 110v AC power, but operate at low voltage with the included transformers.

The IRiS wireless controllers are battery operated (batteries supplied) and operate from a distance of up to 90ft.

Adult Supervision Required. Ages 3+


A question we often receive is “Will this room package fit in my room?”. The answer depends not just on the room’s dimensions, but on several factors like the layout of the room, location of windows and heating & cooling elements, and number & location of power outlets. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Sensory Rooms Multi Sensory Packages, Multi Sensory Rooms
Sectors Architects, Building & Construction, Care Homes, Health Centres, Hospices, Hospitals, Nursery, Nursing Homes, Special Schools
Senses Auditory, Tactile, Vibration, Visual
Uses Calming, Cause and Effect, Colour Recognition, Concentration, Development of Choice, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Hand to Eye Coordination, Interaction, Relaxation, Sequencing, Story Telling, Switching Skills, Tracking Skills, Turn Taking
Abilities Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism (AUT), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Dementia, Down Syndrome (Downs), Emotional and Behavioural Disorder (EBD), Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD), Physical Difficulties (PHY DIFF), Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), Visual Impairment (VI)
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