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Sensory Canopy

24 or more $22.49 48 or more $19.99

Complete your sensory transformation with the Sensory Canopy!


The Sensory Canopy completes the transition from ordinary classroom to a true immersive sensory space.  The Sensory Canopy is a system of billowing, magnetic fabric sheets that go together to create a cloud-like ceiling.  The brilliant white fabric reflects the colors of your bubble tubes, fiber optics, and other lighting elements, further enhancing their effects. 

Instead of staring at ceiling tiles, your kids will be looking up into a cloudy sky, or pretending it is the ocean surface and they’re under the sea.
Each piece of the Sensory Canopy is designed to cover one standard 48” x 24” ceiling tile (or two 24” x 24” tiles).  There are six magnets in each pieces, one in each corner and one in the middle of the long edge.  This creates the interlocking, billowing effect that enhances your sensory room’s effect.

Simply count how many ceiling tiles you have in your room, and order that many pieces of sensory canopy.  Volume pricing applies, so larger rooms can still be accommodated.

Please note: The Sensory Canopy was tested and has passed various flammability tests. These tests are available for download in the downloads tab of the Sensory Canopy product page. Please check your local fire codes before installing this product.

Please see our installation videos, below.


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