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Sensory Backpack Diamond

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Sensory Backpack Diamond

This top of the range backpack is full of exciting sensory products - ideal for visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile development!



Our premium Sensory Backpack contains the following items:

1 x Backpack: Smart and practical, this ultra-lightweight rollercase comes complete with several large pockets for storage
1 x Mini Bubble Tube: This compact mini bubble tube measures 2" in diameter and 24" high and scrolls though a rainbow of colors
1 x Calming LED Lightsource: Creates a calming effect with slowly changing colors
1 x Fibre Optic Sideglow: Clear fiber optic strands (1.5m with 150 strands) that illuminate when connected to the LED Lightsource
1 x Aurora Projector and Wheel Rotator: Beam images onto a wall with this super compact projector, complete with wheel rotator.
3 x 6-inch Effects Wheels: A diverse mix of effects wheels that include Balloon Extravaganza, Firework Bonanza, and Tropical Reef
1 x Low Profile Switch: A great switch that allows you to change the color of the fiber optics with the slightest touch
1 x Pop-up Tent: Create a new world in minutes, simply unfold the tent and enjoy.
1 x Aroma Mouse: A small, safe way to explore different aromas
1 x Aroma Starter Kit: A full starter kit with 8 essential oils and handy carrying case.
1 x LED UV Flashlight: This fantastic high-quality light works great in dark environments with UV materials, pens, and paints
1 x UV Fabric: This bright fabric reacts wonderfully with the UV Flashlight
1 x Set of UV reactive crayons to create unique, interesting drawings
1 x Giant UV reactive spring - mesmerizing to watch
1 x UV reactive 7" soft goldfish toy
1 x White Lightning color changing stick, which has six modes to choose from
1 x Soft Animal Mirror: A safe acrylic mirror with soft foam backing that can stick to tiles when wet
1 x Waterfall Tube: A tube of colorful balls that cascade through obstacles to create the calming sound of flowing water
3 x Stretchy lizard set: Brightly colored stretchy toys that create a wonderful effect under a UV light
1 x Multi-outlet strip, which allows you to use of all products at one time

Note: Experia products will consistently be in this package, but some items may vary depending on availability.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Sensory Rooms Sensory Bedrooms
Sectors Care Homes, Hospices, Nursery, Special Schools
Senses Oralfactory, Tactile, Visual
Uses Colour Recognition
Abilities Autism (AUT), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD)