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Sensory Bathrooms

What Is A Sensory Bathroom?

Sensory Bathrooms are a great way to provide rest and relaxation and when coupled with soft music and slowly changing lights this effect is enhanced even further. Experia are the leading designers and creators of Sensory Bathrooms and sensory bathroom equipment in the US.

With the help of interactive products we make bath time a rewarding experience for many. Sensory Bathrooms add an extra dimension to bath time. It can help muscles to relax reduce pain and help the user to open up to developing new skills. For those with dementia bath time can be extremely stressful so projecting colors and playing soft music can be an important was to reduce tension and anxiety.

Here at Experia USA we are experts in helping you to create perfect sensory bathrooms to help those in your care begin to enjoy bathtime. Contact Experia USA today and let us help you create a sensory bathroom ideal for you.

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