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IRiS is an Interactive Reward System that allows you to control any IRiS product (Listener) with any type of IRiS switch/controller (Talker). IRiS Talkers are interactive switches responsible for controlling the IRiS Listeners that provide a reward for the user undertaking various actions.

Unlike many products on the market, one IRiS Talker can control a number of IRiS Listeners - or individual Talkers can be used for individual Listeners. For example, a room could have an IRiS wall panel like an Infinity Tunnel, an IRiS Bubble Tube, and IRiS Fiber Optics as the Listeners. The Talkers in the room could range from an iPad (used with the iConverter) to the IRiS Qube. Different Talkers can be used by different people with different abilities to control each Listener to get the reward that works for them.

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