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Maze Controller


Experia USA's new Maze Controller is a great addition to any Superactive or IRiS Product! (scroll down for description and videos!)


The Maze Controller brings control of your multisensory environment to a new level of fun and challenge!

Designed specifically for work on eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, visual tracking, and grasp, the Maze Controller is also super fun and engaging to use.

Simply tilt the controller front-to-back and side-to-side to move the marble through the maze (see videos, below). As the marble is directed into each color-coded recess, the equipment being controlled will change to that color. (Note: The center recess, color-coded black, is simply the "home base" for the marble when not in use. Different levels of challenge can be had by varying the path of the marble. Direct the marble around the outside of the maze for an easier challenge, or pick different paths through the center to make it more difficult.

The Maze Controller also ships with a small finger magnet. This can be used to manually move the marble through the maze in the event that tilting it proves too difficult for some, or if you wish to work on grasp and fine-motor skills.

The Maze Controller is compatible with all Experia USA's Superactive and IRiS Lines of equipment. Simply specify which controller you need by selecting the appropriate version in the drop down list, above.

As with all Superactive controllers, the Maze Controller operates from a distance of up to 90ft. and utilizes our new Qi charging system (pronounced "chee"). It has an internal, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and charges wirelessly using an inductive charging coil. Simply set the controller down on the charging pad, and it charges!

NOTE: These controllers are only compatible with Superactive and IRiS Products.  If you wish to upgrade a calming product to work with the Maze Controller, please contact us.

Dim: 13"L x 13"W x 4"H
Weight: Approx. 4 lbs.

010042-MC Maze Controller - IRiS
5600152-MC Maze Controller - Superactive LED Bubble Tube
560019-MC  Maze Controller -- Superactive LED Lightsource

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