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Calming LED Fiber Optic Wall Cascade


The Calming LED fiber Optic Wall Cascade creates stunning visual effects. Create a calming sensory environment with the Calming LED Wall Cascade!


The LED Fiber Optic Cascade gives the impression of a color-changing curtain. It is a perfect compliment to your sensory environment and particularly useful for calming and re-orienting.

The product is easily accessible for wheelchair users thanks to the swiveling wall-mounted bracket.

In the Calming Model the product slowly changes colors and can be used for relaxation or de-escalation for individuals with Dementia or children who are becoming overwhelmed in their daily environment.

The fiber optics are very tactile and because there is no electricity in fiber optics, only light, they are safe to touch and hold. Product operates on low voltage with the supplied transformer, which plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

Enclosure: 8” H x 30 ¼” W x 8 ½” D
Fiber optics: 78" x 150 strands
All dimensions are approximate.

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