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Aurora LED Projector Bundle - Dementia Room


The Aurora LED Projector was designed by Experia to project a vast range of images with the range of effects wheels which can also be customized. This Projector Bundle is specifically designed for Dementia care.


A sensory room wouldn’t be a sensory room without a projector, and they don’t come more reliable than the Aurora LED Projector. The Aurora Projector makes it simple to cast images on the walls, ceiling, or floor making your environment truly unique. This bundle is specifically designed for Dementia care.

Bundle includes:
1 x Aurora LED Projector
1 x Wheel Rotator
5 x Effect Wheels (Dawn til Dusk, Walk in the Woods, Flower Power, Tropical Reef, and Blank [create your own])

Note: Effects wheels may be substituted based on availability

Supervision required.

SKU: 230009D

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