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Vibro-Acoustic Platform


Introducing Experia USA's new Vibro-Acoustic Platform! An amazing auditory and tactile experience that allows the user to feel music. It's music therapy turned up to 11!


Sit or lay on the platform and feel the music pulse through your entire body. The Vibro-Acoustic Platform is great for creating a soothing environment for individuals of all ages, and it fits well in just about any sensory room. Choose calming music like you would find in a meditation track to help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety and promote peace and relaxation, or choose something more upbeat for a stimulative effect. Perfect for individuals with Autism, Dementia, Sensory Processing Disorder, or EBD.

This system is designed to allow streaming of music to stereo speakers, as well as to the platform, allowing independent control of the ambient volume of the music and the level of vibration desired.

The Vibro-Acoustic Platform comes in a variety of configurations, all of which use Bluetooth® to wirelessly stream your music!

• Vibro-Acoustic platform with Bookshelf Speakers
• Vibro-Acoustic Platform with Sound System and In-Ceiling speakers (for dropped ceilings only)
• Vibro-Acoustic Platform with Sound System and Wall-Mounted Speakers
(Each configuration comes with the appropriate wires and connectors to complete setup. Some installation/assembly required.)

It can also be purchased for use with your existing sound system (please call us before purchasing this configuration to confirm the platform is compatible with your sound system). Not a fan of streaming music, and would prefer to use CDs? No worries! All of these systems can substitute a CD player for the Bluetooth unit at a nominal cost. Just call us!

The Platform is covered in a soft durable vinyl fabric that is Phthalate-free and easy to wipe clean.



Adult supervision required. You must use your own device (phone, tablet, etc.) to send music to the platform and speakers.

Dimensions: 72" L x 29” W x 17“ H (All dimensions are approximate.)

In Ceiling Speakers: 250013
Wall Mount Speakers: 250014
Bluetooth: 250014*

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