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Heavy Duty Bubble Tube Bracket

The Heavy Duty Bubble Tube Bracket is the key piece of safety equipment for your bubble tube.

Designed specifically for museums, waiting rooms, or any situation where a bubble tube is not being closely supervised, our Heavy Duty Bubble Tube Bracket is the key piece of safety equipment you need. It bolts to your wall securely to prevent even a motivated individual from pulling or pushing your bubble tube over.

The bottom of the bracket has a mirrored surface that enhances the effect of the bubble tube. Clients can look up and see themselves next to the brilliant bubbling water!

The Heavy Duty Bubble Tube Bracket is designed to work with Experia USA's bubble tube platforms and bubble tubes. The center hole is over-sized to accommodate irregularities in construction, and comes with a unique clamping mechanism to lock the bubble tube into place. It also includes a tasteful PVC strip to hide the mounting hardware and clamp on the top.

It can be used without a bubble tube platform, but still must be placed in a corner. The bracket fits 6" diameter bubble tubes only, and the standard spacing from each wall to the center of the bubble tube is 9". Included with the bracket are four 100 lb. drywall anchors.

NOTE:  We recommend that the Heavy Duty Bubble Tube Bracket be used with 80" tall bubble tubes to allow adequate clearance between the platform and the bracket.   If you order a room package with this bracket, we will contact you to confirm the change in bubble tube height.

IMPORTANT: If you have brick or block walls, you will need to supply appropriate anchors for that type of wall construction.

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