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IRiS Balance Beam


The IRiS Balance Beam brings interaction and fun into your Sensory Room. Stand on any brightly colored section to change the color of any IRiS Listener with the IRiS Balance Beam!


The IRiS Balance Beam consists of 8 brightly colored sections which when stood upon change the color of any IRiS Listener (the responsive equipment controlled by an IRiS switch).

Completely wireless, IRiS switching products can be positioned anywhere within a room, to maximize the user's comfort and create a stimulating experience. The switch is called a Talker and the responsive equipment is called a Listener. So you can have one "Talker" linked to multiple pieces of "Listening" equipment.

This engagning balance beam is terrific for developing balancing skills and a perfect use-alone piece of equipment or as part of an entire sensory room. You can chart progress, balance, motor planning and skill level by using the colors as indicators.

Great fun in a soft play environment and ideal for use in a new or existing area, the IRiS Balance Beam is the easy way to add motor skill interaction to your room.

The unit features durable, easy-to-clean vinyl. Battery included.

Please ensure you have at least one IRiS Listener to control.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

Dimensions: 80" L x 8" W at the top.

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