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Ball Pool Balls


Touch is an important sensory process, and ball pool balls create the ideal environment for children to feel the sensations of playing in a ball pool. Physically playing with and handling the ball pool balls also aids motor skill development. 

Our plastic ball pool balls are available in a clear finish or a range of colors – we even have a multi-colored option! Each box comes with 500 ball pool balls, ready for filling up a perfect ball pool. They’re made of plastic, which makes them easy to clean if needed.

Developing Skills with Ball Pool Balls

Ball pool balls can be great for promoting and developing a variety of skills, including:

Fine Motor Skills: ball pool balls can also be used in sorting activities for children with cerebral palsy, for example. Sorting the balls by color enables the brain and muscles to work together, strengthening their muscles and improving fine motor skills.

Movement and Gross Motor Skills: ball pools are also an amazing way to encourage users to move in unconventional ways like crawling, rolling and wriggling around. Playing in a ball pool can help with a user’s gross motor skills, including their sense of balance, particularly younger users. The sensation that accompanies being off-balance, falling or rolling is vital to a child’s nervous system developing a necessary body awareness

Color Recognition: the clear ball pool balls work with our LED Interactive Ball Pool which is a fantastic piece of sensory equipment for autistic children. It is highly soothing and helps develop the users’ color recognition skills, cause and effect and fine motor skills. 

Uses of Ball Pool Balls

For some, ball pool balls provide a feeling of safety and calm when they are overwhelmed or anxious, and many users find the sensation of moving through ball pool balls to be calming.

For more rambunctious play, throwing the balls across the pool can help engage their muscles and encourage gross motor skills. This can also be a great way to work through difficult emotions without doing any damage. 

Ball pool balls are a great tool for stimulation or calming, and their versatility and relative affordability makes them ideal for many applications. Please have a look at our post on the benefits of soft play or how to choose the right sensory equipment for you for more information.


Sink down into a ball pit with these clear or colorful plastic ball pool balls. Both our translucent balls and colorful balls create something of a ball pool utopia and are perfect for sensory room ball pit balls.

Ball pool color options

  • Multi-colored
  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow

Ball pool balls are 3" diameter and are supplied in boxes of 500 pcs.

Our LED Ball Pools require the use of CLEAR ball pool balls.

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