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Here at Experia, we offer a range of sensory room ideas to fit any user, need, and budget. Our products cover sensory room design from floor to ceiling and everything in between to ensure that your users get the most out of their experience.

Calming Sensory Room Ideas:

Calming sensory rooms can be perfect for de-escalation, winding down or simply maintaining a tranquil atmosphere to relax your users. We offer a calming sensory room package or, if you would rather create a completely tailored one, we also sell a range of calming products.

For calming users, we recommend bubble tubes, fiber optic carpets and slowly-cycling lights. Our vibro-acoustic platform is also ideal for calming spaces as it can help users’ muscles to relax. 

Developmental Sensory Room Ideas:

Our products help users develop a range of skills, including gross motor skills, fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination, and cause and effect. Of course, choosing which skills you would like to focus on for your users depends entirely on the user and your goals for them. 

Our favorites are our IRiS products and soft play equipment, as they truly engage users’ minds and stimulate their senses. We even have an IRiS Sensory Room, specially designed to give users a full-body interactive experience while developing core skills like cause and effect, color recognition and switching.

Sensory Room Ideas by Needs:

If you aren’t sure where to begin designing your multisensory room, it might be beneficial to check out our page of sensory room ideas by need. This breaks down some of the common groups of people who benefit from sensory rooms and which products they are most likely to enjoy.

We have almost 20 categories to choose from to give you the best chance of finding products perfect for your users.

Still not sure where to start with sensory room ideas? Don’t worry! We offer free room design with our expert team to help you create the perfect sensory room for your users, space and budget. Get in touch with us today, and let us match you with the perfect sensory room for you.

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