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The Benefits Of A Multisensory Room

benefits of a multisensory room

What Is A Multisensory Room?

Multisensory rooms are immersive environments which have been specifically designed to develop the user’s senses. They include specialist sensory equipment which can either stimulate the user’s mental activity, provide a relaxing environment or promote interaction.

What is included in a Multisensory Room?

Different facilities will require different types of multisensory room, for example some people may want a sensory pool for hydrotherapy purposes, or a multisensory interactive learning environment (M.I.L.E.) if their prime focus is to develop the user’s skills. Others may want a sensory bedroom to help individuals relax and sleep.

A range of sensory products can be used to create a multisensory room and the design varies depending on the needs of its users. However sensory equipment found in these rooms tends to include:

Bubble Tubes

Bubble Tubes are always a popular choice to include within our Multisensory Rooms. They can aid in the development of a range of skills such as auditory awareness and social interaction, and they are fantastic for use with all ages. Experia USA supply a wide range of calming and interactive bubble tubes to suit different budgets and room sizes.

Sensory Projectors

Create magical themes and captivating stories with our wide range of Sensory Projectors and Wheels. Sensory projectors add value by providing stunning visuals, designed to either calm or stimulate the user. We would recommend the inclusion of a sensory projector within any multisensory room.

Sensory Lighting

Designed to aid with stories and help individuals develop their color recognition skills, Sensory Lighting is an important part of creating an effective multisensory room. Popular choices include the Superactive Light Spreader which can aid in color recognition and cause and effect skills, or the Calming Waters Projector which is excellent for creating a relaxing underwater theme.

Sensory Fiber Optics

benefits of a multisensory room- sensory lighting
Sensory Fiber Optics are a safe and fun addition to any multisensory environment. They help to engage users of all ages and abilities through their eye-catching designs and bright LED technology. Our wide range includes the Fiber Optic Carpet which changes color and helps to develop fine motor skills, cause and effect and more.

iRiS Wireless Products

Allow users to control their environment with our groundbreaking range of iRiS Wireless products. Our fantastic new app or our selection of controllers known as “Talkers” offer individuals the chance to control several products such as bubble tubes and recordable speakers from a single device. Browse our iRiS bundles here.


What are The Benefits of a Multisensory Room?

Safe and Engaging

Engaging adults and children with sensory disorders can be a challenging task, especially as a lot of learning equipment can be unexciting or daunting. They often find the outside world a challenging and stressful place where they don’t feel in control- and this can significantly impact their development.

A multi sensory room is designed to change this. With a fantastic selection of specialist equipment designed to suit the needs of the individual, Experia USA is able to transform a room into a safe and engaging place where users of all ages and abilities can learn and interact. It is also a great place for carers to bond with their children, students or clients, and form stronger relationships which can be carried into their everyday life.

Personalized Effect

Sensory rooms have a great ability to create a personalized effect on their users.  A calming or stimulating effect can be created depending on which type of products you pick, enabling you to create the most suitable environment for the user. If you would like some guidance in picking which products would be most suitable, then our knowledgeable team are always happy to help.

Improved Concentration and Alertness

The eye-catching and stimulating products which are included in a sensory room can help to improve concentration and general alertness, which in turn makes learning outside of the sensory room more successful. Sensory rooms can also encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and color, shape and number recognition in a fun and motivating way.

How We Can Help?

Experia USA have a fantastic team with a lot of experience in creating the most suitable and cost-effective multisensory room to suit our customers’ requirements. As leading innovators in the design, manufacture and installation of sensory products for a wide variety of sensory abilities and conditions, we’re the first choice to create your perfect multisensory environment.

Experia USA also offers a free 3D room design to help you create the best sensory environment for your personal requirements.

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