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The Benefits Of Multisensory Rooms

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There are many multi-sensory room benefits and creating a multi-sensory room is a fantastic way to provide a safe and interactive environment for users to explore their senses and improve the way they process new information. But what exactly is a multi-sensory room and what are the benefits? In this blog post, we’ll explore these vital questions to provide you with a full understanding and help you decide what kind of multi-sensory room will be best for your user.


Multi-sensory rooms are immersive environments which have been specifically designed to develop the user’s senses. They include specialist sensory equipment which can either stimulate the user’s mental activity, provide a relaxing environment, or promote interaction.


sensory room with equipment

  1. Safe and engaging

Engaging adults and children with sensory disorders can be a challenging task, especially as a lot of learning equipment can be dull or daunting. Someone with a sensory disorder often finds the outside world a challenging and stressful place where they don’t feel in control. This can significantly impact their development.

A multi-sensory room transforms a standard room into a safe and engaging place where users of all ages and abilities can learn and interact. It is also a great place for carers to bond with their children, students or clients, and form stronger relationships which can be carried into their everyday life.

  1. Personalized effect

Another multi-sensory room benefit is the personalized experience that can be created for every user.  A calming or stimulating effect can be created, depending on which type of products are chosen. If you would like some guidance on understanding which products would be most suitable, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always happy to help, whether you opt for a fiber optic tunnel or an entire calming sensory room.

  1. Improved concentration and alertness

The eye-catching and stimulating products which are included in our multi-sensory rooms can help to improve concentration and general alertness, which makes learning outside of the sensory room more successful.

  1. Gross and fine motor skills development

Sensory rooms can encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills in a fun and motivating way. Products that encourage balance, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility are essential components of a sensory room.

  1. Cognitive development

Sensory rooms provide users with the opportunity to explore cause and effect as they are learning how their actions have an impact in the world around them. This will, in turn, help the user to cope in situations where their reactions might otherwise have been extreme due to sensory overload.

  1. Improved socialization

Sensory rooms benefits don’t have to be experienced alone. If your user needs practice interacting with others, a multi-sensory room provides the perfect place for this as it allows the user to explore a safe and stress-free space with other individuals too.



Before you start planning and buying equipment for your sensory room environment, it’s important to consider why you are creating a multisensory room and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who will be using the room?
  • In what way will it benefit their quality of life?

Once you know the goals and purpose of your room, contact us so we can help you plan and select the right pieces of sensory room equipment to feature in the room.


sensory room planning

To ensure you reap the true benefits of multi-sensory rooms, it can be helpful to narrow down your choices of equipment by determining the user’s needs and how much space you have to work with.

  • How much space do you have to work with?

The size of your multisensory environment is very important at the planning stage to maximize the sensory room benefits. A darkened room works best (with dimmable lighting) as many sensory products use lighting and color to stimulate the senses. If there are windows, black-out curtains will help block most of the light coming in.

Also, If the equipment requires electricity, consider how many power outlets you will need in the room and where these should be situated for safe and effective use of the sensory room equipment.

  • How warm might the room get?

If you choose a room without windows, it is important to find a way to ventilate the room well as multisensory rooms can become hot, especially if they are in use for long periods or if they feature soft floor and wall padding. Air conditioning is the most effective (and quietest) ventilation method, but if this is out of the budget, fans are also a good option, as well as opening the door in between sessions.

  • Is the room in a quiet area?

Think about accessibility to the room and whether the room is in a quiet location as these factors should be prioritized at the earliest stages. If it’s next to a noisy gym or busy area, this isn't ideal as there will likely be distractions.



ball pool

By determining the user’s needs, along with how much space you realistically have to work with, you can choose the best products for you to get the best sensory room benefits for the user.

Here are some examples of our products that help boost various sensory room benefits:

  1. Calming

If you wish to create a calming sensory room for your user, it’s important to design a space that encourages a soothing and peaceful environment. Our products that incorporate calmness into sensory rooms include:

  • Aromatherapy starter kit – the use of aromatherapy can set the mood for your multi-sensory room and instantly relax the user
  • Bubble tubes – our bubble tubes are key to creating a calm environment with their mesmerizing, color-changing bubbles
  1. Auditory

Sound has significant effects on our nervous system, so the use of sound therapy can be life-altering for the user and provide them with a much higher quality of life:

  • Sound wall – our sound walls allow the user to create music and develop their cause and effect skills in a fun and easy way
  • Living scenery projector bubble - this product provides calming sounds and beautiful projections of natural scenes
  1. Motor skills

Our products that encourage balance and improve motor skills can be essential components in multi-sensory rooms:

  • IRiS balance beam – this product allows you to chart motor skills and balance progression by utilizing the colors as benchmarks
  • Interactive ball pool – our ball pools provide a calming experience that also allows the users to strengthen their muscles and develop their fine motor development
  1. Tactile

Tactile products are fantastic for allowing the user to interact with their surroundings through touch and textures:

  • Fiber optic carpet – amaze the user with our fiber optic carpet that gives the appearance of a galaxy with its many vibrant colors against the black carpet
  • LED fiber optic softie – this comfortable large bean bag is covered with fiber optics that the user can hold or simply admire to bring them a sense of peace



Our Experia USA team has years of experience in creating multi-sensory rooms with endless benefits. We offer a free 3D room design service to help you create the best sensory environment for your personal requirements.  As a leading innovator in design, manufacture and installation of sensory products we are happy to work with our customers to build the most suitable and cost-effective multi-sensory rooms for a wide variety of sensory abilities and conditions. Contact us today for more information!

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