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At the heart of any sensory room environment are visual images, flowing bubbles and soft lights. Whether you are working with individuals with ADHD, autism, sensory integration disorder, Alzheimer’s or dementia these soft yet calming sights can help to organize the nervous system. Or perhaps you would like to set up a calming room for your office or workplace? Bubble tubes, fiber optics, mirror balls and visual projectors can create an environment suitable to the individuals using the room. They can also encourage eye tracking, visual memory and organizing skills. We can create an interactive wall where the eyes can be directed to travel along a scene or touching an image can change what you see.

Some ideas for your visual needs:

We offer FREE Room DesignService if you need a little help with designing a sensory space that includes and encourages visual interaction. With the help from our expert sensory advisors we can help you create the perfect environment. You can also request a product catalog to get some more ideas for your sensory space.

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